Saturday, February 3, 2007

This week...

...was interesting.

Accomplishment for the week:

Yeah... that's all. I was so swamped with schoolwork and real life stuff this week to do much in-game. But hey, I'm 17 levels closer to having my capped sub for endgame BLM!

Oh, and I might mention that Asher is a saint. ^^ Who ever said DRK/WHM sucked? =P

Accomplishment for today:

...basically. ^^

The event was at 2pm EST today. Oufnev (randomly) logged in, even though Tarai was scheduled to be the tank for the BC. She was, needless to say, pissed (but I guess that happens when you have 2 PLDs in a CoP static...)

So after some running around and frustration in Uleguerand Range, we got to Bearclaw Pinnacle to attempt the BC. The setup was:

Nikup - SAM/RNG
Blaize - WAR/SAM
Oufnev - PLD/WAR
Acacia - RDM/BLM
Dugi - WAR/NIN
Espera - WHM/BLM

Me, Blaize, and Oufnev had Shu'Meyo salts to extend the time we had to kill the Snoll. The general strategy was to go in, let Blaize and Nikup Meditate twice for 200 TP for Nikup and 120 for Blaize, while the rest of us buffed, rested, and all that jazz. Acacia would Chainspell and Fire II for as long as he had MP, and the rest would use Icarus Wings and various skills and two-hour abilities to kill it fast.

And believe me, it died fast.

Blaize estimated that the Snoll Tzar died about 15 seconds after we engaged it. Basically, Oufnev got aggro first, I hit Dia II, and then used the Shu'Meyo salt. But... everyone zerged it. Nikup got this... twice:

And he still had 4 more up his sleeve. Yeah, basically it was cake. It might have helped that it used Berserk, but eh...

Here's basically how the damage laid out:

Though I really did 11 damage, not 7 ^^

It was insane. I just barely got my salt off before the thing just fell over dead. Clearly, I got no shots of the actual fight, because it was just over so fast. x.x;

So yeah... now we're almost all on CoP Chapter 6. After some uncapped Detector NMs in Misareaux Coast, we're ready for...

One to be Feared.

I promise, I'm scared. =P

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