Sunday, January 28, 2007

Some more artifact armor.

Over the past few days, I've had the opportunity to collect some more of my BLM AF; specifically, the pants, from a coffer in Eldieme, and the coat, from Monastic Cavern.

Eldieme was interesting, yet uneventful. We got the key to drop on the second mob we killed, and then we searched for the coffer. I stupidly wanted to take on a DC bomb, and I did so with no backup there... it was fantastic. I got to very very low red HP, and no MP left... hit Manafont in a desperate attempt to save myself when... *cue music* Tarai to the rescue! After resting up, Acacia found the coffer, I ran to it, popped it, and walked away with some lovely new pants. THEN I went and dinged 56 (see below) ^^

Monastic Cavern was interesting at first, and quickly turned standard. I went on WHM to farm the keys with Asher (who also needed one for his coat), Acacia, and Sephelia. They had been there for a little bit before I had, since I had just logged in and was visiting with Bea, who just came back from quitting. After giving myself a Teleport-Holla, I chocoed over to Davoi, ran through Monastic Cavern, and met up with the rest of the group.

The main farming camp was taken by a SMN soloing, so we decided to stay on the island with the house. Since we had 3 NPCs out and we were all level 75, the monsters died very very quickly on the first floor, so we decided to go up.

Asher wanted to take on the NM for Windurst 7-2. I was convinced it was a bad idea, but we did it anyway. After opening the door to the house, we discovered it was not only the NM... but also two or three of his buddies!

I was the first down, and after putting up a valiant fight, the others all dropped as well. Thank goodness for Reraise III. I raised up, rested up, was able to Tractor Acacia a grand total of one time, then I got aggro. After an ES Sleep, I Escaped, and ran back in.

Long story short, I tractored everyone to the elevator (with much invising) and eventually got everyone up. We kept killing, got 2 keys within 5 minutes, and I warped back and got my coffer. ^^

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