Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chains of Promathia: complete.

This weekend was all about finishing CoP. The 8-3 Ix'zdi pot BC was planned for 2pm EST on Saturday... the beginning of the end!

This battle really turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. On our first run, we wiped the first BLM pot and got the second to 5%, but then it went back to its pedestal and regened all its life instantly. -_- needless to say, we wiped.

We geared up to try again, and the second run went much more smoothly. We easily defeated the first two BLM pots, thanks to an altered strategy, and wiped as planned. After resting for weakness, we killed the second two pots, RDMs (they really liked Stone I... dunno why), and we were at the Luminous Convergence!

Pretty mindblowing cutscene commenced, and we wanted to take on Promathia. Sadly, not everybody was available, so we waited.

Limbus was after, Apollyon NW again, because Klyim (BLM) went along for the ride. We had a bit of a problem with the small behemoths, but we got through it okay... 7 coins, not bad.

After a while, we did the pot BC again later that day for Tarai and Jess. Klyim came along... can't really say I like him too much. He was convinced he could solo the last pot... while weakened. I told him not to do anything dumb, he misinterpreted it as me calling him stupid, started verbally attacking me, blah blah. We got kicked the first time (my fault, I suppose, but people who know me know I ALWAYS play it safe), but we got it done the second time.

Later Saturday, we really DID do Promathia. We were stuck at 5 for a really long time, but Cele got done with BBQ stuff, and it was Tarai's birthday, so we suckered her into it :P /kneel Cele, it was really kind of you to help us with that BC.

Yeah... Promathia went down. Another mindblowing cutscene commenced. I was stunned... we won! Went to bed.

Woke up this morning about 10 minutes before conquest tally... got online, and noticed Blaize was online. Being that we've done just about everything in this game together, we finished Chains of Promathia together too.

I gotta say... if access to Promyvion - Dem/Mea/Holla, Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast, Tavnazian Safehold, Sealion's Den, Phomiuna Aquaducts, Riverne - Site #A01, Riverne - Site #B01, Sacrarium, Promyvion - Vahzl, Al'Taieu, the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi, The Garden of Ru'Hmet, the Empyreal Paradox, Temenos, and Apollyon, along with a Ducal Guard's ring, a Tavnazian Ring, a Tamas ring, and a whole bunch of key items with really cool descriptions, AND a bunch of really cool/interesting/perilous/amazing stories to tell the young'ns weren't enough reasons to finish CoP, that last cutscene in Lufaise Meadows as you approach Blueblade Fell definitely was enough reason.

There's really nothing else I can say... except despite all the frustration, bitching, hardships, losses, and friendships lost over CoP, I don't regret finishing it at all.

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