Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another somewhat large update.

Yeah... haven't been on FFXI that much. Interest hasn't been waning, just been incredibly... busy. Spring break was a couple weeks ago (a week in Cancun with my best friends... just what I needed! :D), and I've been playing catch-up-and-go with everything in my life, especially school.

So in summary...

-RDM37, allowing me to focus totally on...

It's not really so totally obvious, but that's Blizzard III (one of the coolest spells in the game!), so that means I've achieved
-BLM64. :D

Did a couple Omega runs with Rakeun and a few assorted "friends":

That's really pretty much it. Life in FF world has been relatively uexciting. More as more develops... I'm probably going to be moneymaking for a really {Long time}, due to needing a bunch of new gear for BLM. Sigh. :/

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