Sunday, January 21, 2007

I made a blog :o

K, so this is like my fourth FF blog. I know, I know, it's annoying, but... eh. I'm actually going to update this one.

So, I'm Espera. On Odin. Surprise! I took WHM to 75... I'm kinda masochistic for that reason, I guess. But I love it, so all is well. I haven't been meriting it as much lately... possibly because I've gotten bored of it, or I'm sick of all the TP burners treating me like crap, or something. ANYWAY, I've taken to leveling BLM, which I love to death, since it's amazing. I'm very much in love with my linkshell, Rakuen, since they're also amazing + they're my CoP static (on 5-3, freaking long missions -_-; and no, I obviously don't have Al'Taieu access... yet), and Celestria is about the best leader you could ask for. So this blog will be full of my daily ramblings about life on this game and out of this game and such, and... yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and in case you couldn't figure it out, CoP is basically my biggest priority in game, so that's probably what much of this blog will be covering.

Today was... irritating. I had to get together with some study mates to not fail classes, and my static went ahead and did Tenzen's path without me... I was annoyed, but I guess we'll do it again sometime, so no worries. Tarai helped to comfort me (what a wonderful friend she is!) and helped me to calm down by talking about... random stuff. Yeah. So I logged back in later after cooling down a bit, my intention being to help Tarai with the Mithra BC she missed in Ulmia's path earlier. (Our CoP static is nearly two full parties, so me, being the only WHM [and the only BLM for 50 cap missions now as well, since Chaosx lost interest in CoP], I often do each BC at least twice.) The time I won, we did the 2x SMN 1x BLM Astral Flow cheese method, which worked effectively. Sadly, those who missed the first run lost the second, since we lost a SMN and... well, people didn't come prepared.

Preparation is the key to CoP.

Anyway, I logged in again tonight intending to help Tarai and the others with the Mithra BC... but of course, they replaced me. So as we (well, I) speak, I'm sitting here in Whitegate, bored out of my mind, hoping they get done soon so Tarai can round up some people for round 3 of {Garlaige Citadel}{Gate Breach}!

They're entering the BC now, so I guess I'll find out soon how it went.

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