Sunday, January 21, 2007

{Wizard's Gloves}{Found it!}

FINALLY got my Wizard's Gloves not 2 minutes ago.

It all started in {Garlaige Citadel} a few days ago... that coffer is so awful. Dragging 4 people with you just to get AF gets old after a while. Plus I had to keep warping out to do various things... including CoP, as it were.

So after a few days of struggling to get people to help with the hellish coffer, I finally got it tonight. After the minor falling out I had with Acacia over the whole Tenzen's path affair, I decided I was in the wrong and apologized. I do stupid stuff when I'm angry, and I felt bad about it... but apparently so did he, so he kindly came along. Tarai was hankering to help from the beginning, and Oufnev kindly came along as well, so, with a party of 4, we set off for Garlaige!

The whole thing was rather interesting. After gathering at Gate #1, we passed through and ran north to Gate #3 to check behind that one. All of the spawn points were empty, so by process of elimination, we ran south to Gate #2 to check behind that one.

Of course, as we run there, we see a BRD sleeping a Droma that had apparently aggroed him in one of the rooms with the switches... a quick /search revealed that he was a party leader, and I assumed he was in a party with a RDM53! Annoyed, since RDM has AF in Garlaige as well, we quickly opened the gate... of course, he followed. He stopped to cast Sneak while I ran west to the point on the stairs next to the drop and the rest of the party headed east. After verifying that it wasn't at the west point, the race began.

Tarai confirmed that it wasn't in either of the spawn points in the cave section behind the gate, so once again, due to process of elimination, there was only one place it could have been: the last spawn point, after the bombs and weapons. Running as fast I could, I frantically pounded the 0 key and eventually saw it:

Treasure Coffer.

The BRD was right there, waiting for the RDM to pop it.

Panicking again, hoping that the RDM wouldn't get it, I opened my menu and quickly scrolled down to "Trade". Once I was in range, and I selected my key and BAM!


After that frantic race, we Escaped out, and headed for Jeuno. Oufnev logged, while Tarai, Acacia, and I went off to kill Dark Spark.

After dropping the gloves off in the Port, I hit Teleport-Vahzl and we ran to Castle Zvahl. We ran to the torches, I buffed us up, and popped the bomb.

No screenshots of the action, but I DO have this one!


So after a Warp back to Whitegate and a silver piece to Ru'Lude, I ran to the Port and traded in my musty old gloves and shadow flames for...

Truly the best piece of the set. More elemental magic skill = less resists, and that's never a bad thing! ^^

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