Monday, January 22, 2007

Black Mage = fun.

There's something about BLM that I find absolutely irresistable.

What it is, I honestly have no idea. It's probably a multitude of things; some of the best spike damage on the game, on demand; the ability to solo mobs other jobs can only dream of; and of course, the fashion.

Sure, I may only be level 53 right now, but hey, everyone starts somewhere. Soloing leeches in Gustav has been my most recent favorite hobby. While there can be some competition for the camp, it's one of the few things I can do in the game while I only have a {Short time}. And as my life has been lately (crazy, hectic, and crammed full of all sorts of wacky activities), sometimes a {Short time} is all I have.

So whenver I encounter this quandry, I just head to Gustav and kill some leeches with Freeze. For 880 damage every time (except the time I got affected because of fire weather... even then, Stun + Drain killed it nicely), I can get consistent, even good experience (the empress band can wear off even faster while soloing than it can while in party). Sure, my gear isn't exceptional, but it sure doesn't suck either; and besides, if your gear sucks when you solo, all you're hurting is yourself anyway.

I'm about 1800 to 54; new gloves, Quake, and the Pso'Xja bat goblin pet camp await!

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